Reltech Drives and Controls sells, installs, repairs, and provides a comprehensive Preventative Maintenance program for all makes and models of Variable Frequency Drives.

Looking for ways to lower your monthly electrical costs? Match motor speed to output requirements and watch your bottom line drop.

VFDs allow you to match the speed of a motor to the process requirement. This is the only way to accomplish energy savings for AC motors. We can help you find the right VFD for your application.

To extend the life span of your VFD’s, a Preventative Maintenance Program is critical.

PM is the single most effective and cost efficient action that you can take to prevent premature failures. Reltech can offer a program to meet your needs.

Right from our Alberta grassroots beginning 26 years ago, Reltech has been a service-driven company. This means that the customer’s unique application, energy, and safety requirements always come first. The caliber of VFD service and equipment knowledge that our factory trained technicians possess has produced a company known for outstanding product and application knowledge, customer service and quality assurance.

Our technicians service customers in Western Canada.

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